Body: Sengon
Neck: Sengon
Fingerboard: Sengon
Bridge: Mahogany
Machine Heads: Dolphin, Gold Plated
Strings: Aquila
Frets: Brass

- Includes FREE gig bag!
- Geared machine heads to ensure accuracy when tuning!

Smiling Mahalo Coloured Ukulele


    The Mahalo 2011 has now been totally re-designed and upgraded into this dazzling range – The Mahalo Rainbow Series.

    Regardless of your personality, the amazing colours of the Mahalo Rainbow Series Ukuleles lets you scream your individuality to the world!

    Available in 10 vibrant, full-gloss colours and featuring Sengon necks and bodies Mahalo Rainbow Series Ukuleles come complete with carry bags and represent outstanding value for money.Mahalo Rainbow Series Ukuleles feature state-of-the-art Canadian NuBone Extended Bass (XB) bridge saddles to increase projection and bass response. Aquila Nylgut strings are also fitted to produce a fuller, louder and more balanced sound, rich in tonal harmonics. 

    As individual as you are, there’s definitely a Mahalo Rainbow Series Ukulele that’s just right for you!

    Standard ukulele tuning: G - C - E - A

    Buying for a school or group? Then take a look at our box quantity of 24 Mahalo Ukuleles! - 01293611166


    We want you to get the best experience from your new instrument, so we make sure every item is checked over by hand by our in store engineer and is in its best playing condition. We offer a FREE 1 year MOT on any stringed instrument, which will give you the reassurance and peace of mind that your new toy is playing at its best! Unfortunately a lot of people don't realise when buying a guitar how important it is to have the string height set correctly and will struggle for years having sore fingers and the guitar going out of tune quickly, with our guitars you will never have to worry again as we will sort all this out for you, this is the same for any stringed instrument, all you need to do is enjoy your new instrument!