Blackstar Unity Bass 120 Watt Bass Combo Amplifier

The Blackstar Unity Bass 120-Watt Bass Combo offers bass players of all levels with an impressive array of tones, whilst providing musicians with an easy to use and straightforward amplifier that they can enjoy on stage and in the studio. 

The Blackstar Unity Pro Bass system is the new face of bass!

Epic tones, easy to use controls

The Blackstar Unity Bass 120-Watt Bass Combo hails from the all-new Unity Pro Bass series developed by the geniuses over at Blackstar Amplification. The sounds within have been benchmarked against the most iconic historic references to provide a world of tonality. By harnessing Blackstar's unique response control, the Blackstar Unity Bass 120-Watt Bass Combo is capable of the ultimate tonal flexibility and can easy go from classic valve grind to high-headroom cleans and everything between. 

The Drive section within the Blackstar Unity Bass 120 Watt Bass Combo is made up of 3 overdrives (Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz) each with user-controllable blend so you can dial in your ideal sound. Also, thanks to three classic power amp stages and three distinct preamp voicings with a 4-band semi-parametric EQ, you can achieve everything from 70s style thump to bone crunching doom rock instantly.

Extremely powerful bass amplifier

The Blackstar Unity Bass 120 Watt Bass Combo has 120 watts of pure power, pushing some serious air around thanks to a Custom designed Eminence 12" Opus Speaker. However, should you want to expand your sound, the optional Unity 250ACT powered cabinet can be linked to this and any model within the Unity Bass line to add 250W or more of active power to your rig. This means you can go from rehearsal to stage all the way to stadium-friendly levels without any problem.

On-board effects, Pro level connectivity

In addition to an extreme amount of control over your sound, the Blackstar Unity Bass 120 Watt Bass Combo also features an array of on-board effects such as Chorus and Sub Octave, each of which including the Overdrive can be activated via an optional footswitch. This means you can add an entirely new dynamic to an already impressive array of tones on offer.

On top of that, you also have a professional level of connectivity options at your disposal including MP3 / Line in for jamming along to your favourite tracks, an XLR + ¼" Line Out and Headphones out with independent level control for silent practice. 
The easy to use controls, world of tone and highly portable construction make the Blackstar Unity Bass 120 Watt Bass Combo a must-have for gigging and recording bass players.

Blackstar UNITY Bass Amplifier U120

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