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  • Lightweight and portable amplifier for the travelling musician
  • Includes Blackstar Super Fly Powered Extension Cabinet for an additional 12 Watts of power and Stereo set up
  • Dual-channel versatility with XLR and jack connectivity
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack gives over 15 hours playing time
  • Separate EQ and Reverb controls to sculpt and add texture to your live sound
  • XLR out for connecting Super Fly Powered Cabinet
  • Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with Bluetooth devices
  • Includes padded carry bag with plenty of storage
  • Top hat adaptor for mounting speaker to pole or tripod during gigs


The Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Combo Guitar Amplifier is a powerful and compact solution for the travelling musician. Whether you're playing your local venue or local high-street this amplifier can handle a wide variety of styles and has two channels so you can run your microphone or another instrument through.


Housing two 3-inch full-range speakers the Super Fly delivers 12 Watts of power, perfect for making yourself heard on the high-street or in small to medium size venues. It can be powered by 8 x AA batteries or there is an optional rechargeable battery pack that gives you 15 hours plus of playing time, ensuring you never run out even on the longest of street-side sessions. There's an even a handy, built-in tilt-back stand so you can ensure your playing is heard no matter where you are.


With a combo XLR/jack input on Channel 1 and a traditional instrument jack input on Channel 2, you can plug a variety of instruments into this amplifier, perfect for a solo or doubles act. The Blackstar Super Fly also has a button for Bluetooth that easily allows you to pair a Bluetooth device so you can jam along to your favourite backing tracks. You also have a tradition Aux-In and Headphone Out for silent practice and with these myriad options, you can rest assured you're suitably equipped for any situation.


The two channels give you a wealth of sonic options, Channel 1 is for use with microphones or line level instruments and Channel 2 is for guitar, with options for clean and overdrive as well as a specially-voiced acoustic setting. With separate EQ controls for each channel, you can sculpt your sound however you please, as well as adding some shimmer with Blackstar's studio quality Reverb.


Optional extra: is the Blackstar Super Fly Powered Extension cabinet, doubling your power to make a 24 Watt stereo set up with an additional 2 x 3-inch speakers. Also featuring the built-in tilt-back stand the addition of the cab ensures you'll cut through the clamour on even the busiest of high streets.

Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Combo Guitar Amplifier


    We want you to get the best experience from your new amp, we offer a FREE 1 year warranty on any amp and a FREE 3 month warranty on any second had amp, which will give you the reassurance and peace of mind that your new amp is playing at its best!

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